About Us

Azimuth International is a young, proactive, and customer-centric consulting company helping international businesses in entering or establishing their presence in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and GCC countries.

Our business model follows a one-stop-shop approach, tailoring each and every service to the particular needs of individual clients.

Azimuth International’s mission is to help global leaders in taking the best strategic approach to the region. Every day, companies choose us for our years of experience in the Gulf and our will to go the distance for our clients.

Are you planning to move your business to the Gulf? Write to us at [email protected], one of our experts will be happy to advise you on the best path for your particular situation.


Matteo Ippoliti


Matteo is an Italian entrepreneur who settled in Dubai in 2012. After creating Langpros, one of the leading Language Service Providers in the Gulf, in 2020 he founded Azimuth, an ambitious Business Consulting and Digital Marketing firm based in Dubai. Matteo leverages his deep knowledge of the GCC market to help businesses seize growth opportunities in the region.

Linda Nazzal

Account Manager

Linda is a Customer Success expert with a solid background in translation and international communications. Linda helps clients succeed in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar with holistic strategies customized to the particular situation of any type of business.

Azimuth Digital

Digital Marketing gives you the competitive edge: rank first on Google to attract more leads, and create irresistible websites to close the sale

Azimuth Digital is a Dubai-based digital company offering SEO services, Website Design, Social Media Campaigns, and much more. Our mission is to help ambitious companies boost their sales thanks to the latest digital technologies and marketing strategies.

Azimuth Digital supports you in your Digital Transformation journey in order to thrive your business and build brand loyalty. Learn how to post compelling contents on your website, blog, and social media channels thanks to copywriting techniques, SEO strategies and targeted ads in order to increase the quantity and the quality of your traffic and turn new contacts into contracts!