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Do you want to set up a new company in the UAE but you don’t know where to start? If this is your case, Azimuth Consulting can help you make your ideas come true, guiding you through every step needed.

For example, we could help you setting up a Free Zone company, one of the best service available for those who want to relocate in the UAE and starting a new entrepreneurial life.

What is a Free Zone company?

If you have ever heard of Free Zone companies, maybe you already know that it is one of the most requested kind of business to set up in Dubai. The reason is simple: it comes with several compliance standard and benefits.

Just to say, the UAE has almost 50 different Free Zones covering different sectors, with each Emirate hosting more than one Free Zone. Besides, every Free Zone has its own features, even if they always include:

Benefits of setting up a Free Zone company in the UAE

First of all, to set up a Free Zone company in the UAE you’ll need to choose the right zone depending on factors such as:

The greatest difference can be found between free zones in Dubai and free zones located in the northern emirates, like RAK, Ajman, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.

Depending on the Free Zone you choose, the preliminary approval may take 1 day in the northern emirates while 5-15 days in the southern emirates. However, the process of company registration in Free Zone in the UAE is easy and straightforward.

How to open a Free Zone company in the UAE

Below are two Free Zones where you can register a company remotely without any hassle:

The majority of the Free Zones will require you to deposit a specific amount of money to be be able to start the process smoothly.

The steps to follow are simple:

With the help of Azimuth Consulting, every of these steps can be done smoothly, just ask!

Finally, you will be able to manage your business activities inside and outside the UAE, or lease an office in the free zone where the company itself is registered. Also, you can just apply for employees’ visas and recruit them to help you achieving your goals.

Don’t forget that a Free Zone business can be carried out internationally or within the Free Zone. Having a clear business plan and strategy, of course, will help you make everything easier and choose the right business license for you.

Eventually, try to compare prices between Free zone companies and Offshore or Mainland companies: you will find that the first is much more expensive than the second.

If you are confused or not sure about what to choose, just ask Azimuth Consulting and we’ll help you make your business come true.

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