How to Set Up a Mainland Company in Dubai ๐Ÿ˜Š

Dubai is not just another tourist destination, but one of the world's most famous business centers, renowned for its strategic location and its power to boost the business of countless entrepreneurs.

Since most successful people and promising start-up owners gather in this city, Dubai is defined as a global talent resource hub with a worldwide consumer base.

In addition, the government's state-of-the-art infrastructure and favorable entrepreneurial policies are an additional advantage that attracts a large number of people who want to start a business.

As you might know, Dubai allows you to open three types of companies, one of which is the Mainland Company.

What is a Mainland Company

In short, a Mainland company is an inland company that can operate in the local UAE market as well as outside the UAE. The real benefit of opening a Mainland company in Dubai, however, is that when it comes to commercial and professional licenses, mainland enterprises have full flexibility.

Here is how it works:

  • 1

    You contact a local sponsor that will be necessary to form the Mainland business

  • 2

    The national sponsor has to hold at least 51% of the company shares, while the foreign investor holds the remaining 49%

  • 3

    You pay an annual fee or profits percentage to your sponsor, arranging a customized contract

The real benefit is that the foreign investor has complete control of the business, so that he/she can focus on achieving their goals.

Besides, the DED (Department of Economic Development) will take care of registration, licensing, commercial compliance, and consumer protection for any mainland business in Dubai you want to open.

How to set up a Dubai Mainland company

Setting up a business in Dubai Mainland is not that difficult if you know the right steps to follow.

Below is a step-by-step guide about setting up your Mainland company in Dubai:

Also, if you want more help in order to avoid possible mistakes, reach out to a specialized business consulting company like Azimuth, which will guide you toward the right path.

Advantages of Setting up Mainland Business in Dubai

Setting up a Mainland Business in Dubai is an excellent solution for those who want to work in the most known business hub in the world.

First of all, Mainland companies donโ€™t pay corporate taxes and can choose from a wide-variety of office locations in Dubai. Besides, mainland companies in Dubai have no currency restrictions policies, so 100% of your profits can be repatriated.

Also, setting up a Mainland company in Dubai allows to work with governmental institutions, differently from freezone enterprises, and there are no restrictions on the number of visas that can be issued.

However, the difficult part you have to face if you want to set up a business in Dubai mainland is that everything will be reliant on the office space purchased, even if the registration process is simple and does not require a yearly audit.

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