Business consulting for the Healthcare industry

Achieving success in the healthcare industry in today’s demanding digital world requires an effective combination of business strategy and technology. We support healthcare companies in fuelling innovation, reducing the cost and complexity of operating systems, and adding value in today’s evolving market.

Our healthcare consultants support companies in drug discovery processes and provide strategic advisory depending on the phase in the process. Our operations involve the following:

  • Launching new drugs or devices. We conduct preliminary research and evaluate relevant data in order to find out the right approach to the challenges of the industry. We will then recommend the best methodologies and plans in order to set up the effective strategy and deliver an optimal performance.
  • R&D. We follow scientific researchers in carrying out tests in order to find out new medicines and therapeutics. We support you in making critical decisions such as research investments.
  • Business development. This implies searching and evaluating new opportunities, selecting new business partners and managing negotiations and alliances with clients and stakeholders.
  • Sales. We will focus on defining the pricing strategy to ensure your products and services can be easily afforded by patients.
  • Marketing strategies
  • Networking. We engage healthcare professionals and Key Opinion Leaders in order to increase the quantity of your relations to new potential clients.

If required, our healthcare consultants can temporarily be part of your internal team, oversee, and implement the right course of action. This aims at helping our companies address their challenges and achieve your business goals, as well as improving their patients’ health and life.

We offer services for the following industries: