Business Consulting for Professional Services

The traditional professional services industry will likely be radically different in ten years. External factors such as clients’ demands and expectations and rapid technological developments will change the nature of jobs and skills required in the future. We help you make strategic choices depending on your industry and on your dream.

Our professional services clients include:

  • Accountants. If you run your own business books, you will need a consultation on an effective accounting solution. We support you on any kind of operations regarding annual accounts (annual tax return, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, notes, and disclosures). We also assist you in calculating costs of productions, setting up internal reporting, advising at choosing or proper understanding of accounting policies, and preparing internal instructions and guidelines.
  • Architects. Our team of expert architecture consultants has developed a deep knowledge of the ins and outs of the Dubai area and is ready to guide you through critical decisions. We support you in design and budget choices, understanding building codes and regulations, selecting building materials and finishes, appointing and managing surveyors, engineers, builders, and trades people.
  • Lawyers. Dubai has its own rigid legal system and jurisdiction. We keep up to date on any legislative changes or new proposals in the jurisdictions that are important to your business, in order to help you minimize any potential legal controversies and catch new growth opportunities. Either you are a foreigner or not. Our team supports you on audits and due diligence operations and is ready to assist you in preparing and translating any official documents and correspondences.

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We offer services for the following industries: