Business consulting for the Real Estate industry

If you want to reach financial affluence, then we bet you already know how powerful investing in Real Estate in Dubai can be. And in case you didn’t, here is why you should definitely consider investing in this industry.

Considering the increase in tourism and travel by job seekers and entrepreneurs all over the UAE, Dubai alone is expecting dozens of millions of visitors a year. Moreover, property prices are still comparatively low. One million dollars in Dubai will buy you almost 150 square meters, which is much more than a mere 25 in London or 40 square meters in New York. And investing in UAE real estate is tax-free, except for a property transfer fee of 4 percent of the property value that you have to consider if you are buying properties in Dubai.

We know the ins and outs of the Gulf market. Either you are a business owner, an investor, a lender, an operator, or an intermediate, we can help you make critical decisions regarding buying and selling properties in the UAE, in order to turn complex real estate issues into opportunities for growth.

We make sure you collect all the documents you need before signing any agreement, such as the land title deed, escrow account number, Dubai Land Department approvals, and more. We support your real estate enterprise by tailoring the right process for you. Depending on your needs and aims, our services include strategic planning, due diligence, market studies, portfolio optimization, lease advisory, and more, in order to guarantee your long-term advantage.

We offer services for the following industries: